UT San Antonio

Total Employees


Median Salary


Minimum Salary


Maximum Salary


Employees By Gender

Most employees of this institution identify as female.

GenderEmployeesPercentMedian Salary

Employees By Race

Most employees of this institution identify as White.

RaceEmployeesPercentMedian Salary
American Indian or Alaska Native11
Black or African American199
Hispanic or Latino1,401
Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander2
Not Provided444
Two or more races53


This institution has 271 departments.

DepartmentMedian Salary
Academic Affairs, Provost$84,226
Academic Communications$66,028
Academic Success$80,046
Academic Technologies$51,437
Accounting Services$71,365
Administration Strat Enroll$113,075
Adminstration Student Success$45,000
Advising Administration$43,119
Alumni Programs$46,616
Alvarez Student Success Center$54,967
Asuc Bsc$51,334
Athletic Development$75,419
Athletics Compliance$52,000
Audit & Consulting Svcs$83,616
Basketball - Men$117,500
Basketball - Women$74,000
Brain Health Consortium$79,255
Budget & Financial Planning$70,585
Bus Affairs Business Contracts$73,719
Business Affairs$92,768
Camee Utsa$50,900
Campus Construction$115,778
Campus Planning$67,068
Campus Recreation$42,631
Campus Services$39,574
Ceid Biomed Eng Chem Eng$96,305
Ceid Business Service Center$45,877
Ceid College Engr And Integt D$62,725
Ceid Cvl Env Engr & Const Mgmt$91,919
Ceid Elec & Comp Engineering$83,920
Ceid Makerspace$80,290
Ceid Mechanical Engineering$70,594
Ceid School Of Arch & Plannin$44,183
Ceid Student Success Ctr$60,505
Cell Analysis Core (Cac)$81,116
Center For Civic Engagement$42,207
Center For Drug Discovery$66,933
Cob Accounting$145,173
Cob Business Graduate Studies$64,965
Cob Economics$115,620
Cob Finance$82,877
Cob Information Systems$51,450
Cob International Engagement$51,824
Cob Management$111,223
Cob Marketing$82,319
Cob Mgmt Science & Statistics$126,468
Cob Professional Excellence Ct$55,000
Cob Undergraduate Studies$63,541
Coehd Acad Teacher Excellence$44,000
Coehd Bicultural Bilingual Std$62,329
Coehd Counseling$55,458
Coehd Educ Leadership$30,585
Coehd Educ Psychology$46,593
Coehd Graduate Studies$41,605
Coehd Interdiscip Learning$25,487
Coehd Teacher Education Svcs$74,801
Colfa Anthropology$75,748
Colfa Art & Art History$48,894
Colfa Communication$69,767
Colfa English$70,779
Colfa History$70,078
Colfa Modern Languages$42,000
Colfa Music$44,038
Colfa Philosophy$50,802
Colfa Political Sci & Geog$54,684
College For Hcap$57,308
College Of Business$59,314
College Of Educ & Human Dvlpmt$48,390
College Of Liberal / Fine Arts$57,048
College Of Science-Dean$50,571
Comm Outrch & Trsr Recruitmnt$48,636
Commercial & Innovation$64,193
Community Relations$106,361
Cont Improvement & Accred$82,895
Contex Office$60,288
Corporate & Foundations Engage$88,830
Cos Chemistry$52,668
Cos Computer Science$80,828
Cos Earth & Planetary Sciences$69,557
Cos Integrative Biology$52,427
Cos Math$61,026
Cos Molecular Microbiology & I$65,088
Cos Neurosci Dev & Regen Bio$54,727
Cos Physics & Astronomy$82,588
Cos Student Success Center$50,268
Ctr Cultural Sustainability$44,270
Ctr For Archeological Resrch$26,130
Ctr Infrastr Assurance & Secur$54,340
Ctr Res & Training In Sciences$19,628
Cyber Manufacturing Innov Inst$111,000
Cyber Security Analytics$46,315
Dean Of Students$56,956
Digital Learning$66,850
Disbursements & Travel Svcs$39,976
Distribution Services$34,848
Educ Outreach & Retention$71,758
Engaged Learning,Career Ed &Qe$142,884
English Language Center$13,129
Enrollment Mkt, Comm & Systems$61,125
Enrollment Operations$36,745
Equal Opportunity Services$78,277
Events, Conferences Camps Eec$50,439
Facilities Administration$101,726
Facilities Business Operations$41,812
Facilities Downtown Campus$46,993
Facilities Housekeeping$33,814
Facilities Operations & Mtnc$50,916
Facilities Utilities Operation$51,936
Faculty Success$55,916
Financial Affairs$81,478
Financial Aid Office Operation$53,098
Financial Svcs & Univ Bursar$54,193
First Gen & Transfer Ctr$36,648
First Year Exp Prog$36,648
Fiscal Services Collections$38,741
Fiscal Services Downtown$44,000
Fiscal Services Main Campus$38,684
Foster Care Initiatives$50,000
Genomic Core (Geno)$70,445
Golf - Men$56,500
Golf - Women$57,500
Graduate School$58,707
Harvey E Najim Center Admin$61,292
Hcap Crimlgy Criminal Justice$65,413
Hcap Ctr Comm Bsd Applied Res$54,448
Hcap Demography$161,619
Hcap Inst Demographic Res$68,837
Hcap Inst Health Disparaties$37,852
Hcap Kinesiology$69,365
Hcap Nutrition & Dietetics$54,543
Hcap Psychology$55,000
Hcap Public Administration$80,248
Hcap Public Health$42,652
Hcap Social Work$59,585
Hcap Sociology$70,000
Honors College$45,800
Housing Administration$43,858
Housing And Campus Services$35,007
Human Resource Services$66,170
Ied Ctr For Comm & Bus Rsrch$97,425
Ied Minority Bus Dvlpmt Ctr$64,567
Ied Sw Trade Adjustment Assist$68,306
Institute For Cyber Security$71,314
Institute For Economic Dvlpmt$83,599
Institute For Hcap$53,500
Institute For Law & Public Aff$56,072
Institute For Texan Cultures$45,158
Institutional Research$72,268
International Services$55,266
Itc Visitor Services$14,820
Kleberg Adv Microscopy Ctr$75,829
Laboratory Animal Resource Ctr$47,589
Lead & Soar Summer Academies$54,007
Leadership And Volunteer Svcs$55,199
Legal Affairs$99,000
Library-Art Collection$66,473
Matrix Al Sponsorships$74,846
Mexico Center$79,999
Multicultural Student Center$56,057
Multidicisplinary Studies Prgm$42,000
National Security Collab Ctr$135,810
Neurosciences Institute$50,488
Office Of Sustainability$64,675
Office Of University Architect$52,500
Oit Information Security$94,755
One Stop Enrollment Center$44,859
Online Programs$51,909
Open Cloud Institute$47,693
Operations & Advancment Srvc$51,043
Opsa Cos Res Serv Ctr$70,797
Orientation & Family Programs$52,996
Ospa-Colfa Cob Honors Res$72,949
Payroll Services$57,639
Peace Center$48,710
Prep Initiative$64,043
Prof And Continuing Ed (Pace)$47,000
Purchasing Department$60,571
Real Estate, Construct & Plan$109,250
Research Computing Support$94,123
Research Finance And Ops Ofc$70,675
Research Integrity$65,557
Research, Vice President$67,287
Reserve Officers Training Corp$42,177
Residence Life$41,171
Rise Programs$69,264
Risk And Emergency Mgmt$66,756
Sbdc - San Antonio$62,690
Sbdc International Trade Ctr$69,660
Sbdc Network$14,820
Sbdc Tech & Commercialization$58,676
Sbdc-Contract Research Ctr$65,000
School Of Data Science$75,793
Se Business Service Center$52,058
Small Bus Dvlpmt Ctr-Regnl Ofc$82,003
So Tx Ctr Emerg Infect Disease$42,000
Soccer - Women$59,500
Sponsored Proj Admin$78,343
Sr Vice Prov Stud Affairs$79,481
Sr Vp &Dean University College$70,907
Stdnt Conduct & Comm Standards$46,241
Stem Cell Core (Scc)$44,792
Strategic Communications$58,923
Strategic Research Dvlpmt$74,079
Strategic Research Intiatives$60,056
Student Activities$43,480
Student Assistance Services$40,315
Student Disability Services$29,640
Student Success Init$66,650
Student Union$35,646
Surplus Property$33,857
Tennis - Men$47,093
Tennis - Women$46,023
Testing Services$43,500
Top Scholar Program$62,934
Track/Cc - Men$51,056
Transfer And Transition Sss$44,219
Transportation Auxiliary$33,280
Trc Learning Assistance$39,750
Trc Supplemental Instruction$36,000
Trc Tutoring$41,034
Tx Sustainable Energy Res Inst$63,872
Uc Ofc Ug Research$50,975
Undergraduate Studies$53,879
Univ Mktg & Spec Projects$68,918
University Career Center$56,450
University College$49,200
University Development$86,393
University Health Professions$51,421
University Police$51,484
Urban Education Institute$75,443
Uts Application Dvlpmt Support$81,025
Uts Bus Mgmt&Community Engage$127,824
Uts Business Info Systems$71,342
Uts Customer & Ops Support$55,426
Uts Information Technology$63,200
Uts Infrastructure Services$84,373
Uts Project Management$94,504
Uts Strategic Services & Comm$73,904
Uts Technology Support$51,040
Uts Telecomm Support$53,913
Uts-Cyber Security Operations$86,473
Utsa Apex Accelerator$53,014
Veteran And Military Affairs$39,650
Vice Provost Academic Innov$69,905
Vice Prvst For Global Init$41,877
Video Production Group$82,112
Vp Admin Inclusive Excellence$83,324
Vp Advance & Alum Relations$79,886
Vp For University Relations$73,862
Vpba Business Service Center$56,291
Vpba Strategic Communications$68,049
Vpba-Admin And Operations$50,743
Welcome Center & Ambassadors$41,000
Wellbeing Services$46,554
Women'S Studies Institute$43,000
Writing Core Program$39,000

Data obtained: 3/13/2023