Sam Houston State University

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Employees By Gender

Most employees of this institution identify as female.

GenderEmployeesPercentMedian Salary
Not Provided1

Employees By Race

RaceEmployeesPercentMedian Salary
Not Provided2,917


This institution has 247 departments.

DepartmentMedian Salary
AVP Auxiliary Contracts$65,504
AVP Finance$23,400
Academic & Research Technologies$54,192
Academic Community Engagement$39,874
Academic Planning/Assessment$53,744
Academic Success Center$46,752
Accepted Students & Bearkat Orienta$47,520
Advancement Services$47,004
Advising Projects$49,554
Alumni Relations$48,500
Application Support$60,576
Assessment and Accreditation$60,000
Athletic Administration$43,748
Banking & Debt Management$60,819
Bearkat Course$31,202
Bearkat OneCard$48,648
Bill Blackwood LEMIT$52,260
Building Services$31,409
CAM Office of the Dean$45,624
CHSS Office of the Dean$60,000
CJ Centers$89,016
CJ Student & Center Operations$58,320
COBA Office of the Dean$75,000
COCJ Crimes$55,008
COCJ Office of the Dean$83,203
COCJ Pool Faculty$18,036
COE Communications & Outreach$42,000
COE Graduate Programs$34,819
COHS Office of the Dean$65,004
COM - Assessment & Accreditation$73,140
COM - Biomedical Sciences$66,000
COM - Clinical Affairs$143,724
COM - Dean's Office$95,000
COM - Educational Affairs$80,000
COM AIPD$56,784
COSET Office of the Dean$60,048
Campus Products & Relationships$62,880
Career Services$43,383
Career Success$44,620
Charter School$47,616
Chief Marketing Office$104,500
Clinical Anatomy$68,856
Clinical Education$60,000
Clinical Practice$42,881
Clinical Skills$19,763
College of Criminal Justice$65,616
Corr Mgmt Institute of TX (CMIT)$52,476
Counseling Services$54,048
Counselor Ed Doctoral$26,004
Criminal Justice and Criminology$39,216
Ctr for Law, Engagement & Politics$50,016
Custodial LSC$33,446
Custodial Services$31,201
Cypress Trails Pre-K & Childcare$27,300
DFL Graduate Program$56,520
Dean of Students' Office$80,471
Department of Counselor Education$56,250
Department of Dance$45,024
Department of Forensic Science$73,254
Department of Kinesiology$38,328
Department of Security Studies$6,012
Dept Public Safety Services$48,648
Dept Public Safety Woodlands$81,000
Dept of Accounting$132,012
Dept of Art$24,012
Dept of Biological Sciences$62,736
Dept of Chemistry$66,978
Dept of Communication Studies$24,012
Dept of Computer Science$85,005
Dept of Economics and Intl Business$92,520
Dept of Educational Leadership$58,759
Dept of English$45,060
Dept of Environmental & Geosciences$65,016
Dept of Family and Consumer Sci$63,306
Dept of General Business and Fin$76,455
Dept of History$58,959
Dept of Human Sciences$14,063
Dept of Library Science & Technolog$67,530
Dept of Mass Communication$54,000
Dept of Mathematics and Statistics$50,004
Dept of Mgmt, Mktg, & Information$103,590
Dept of Physics & Astronomy$65,574
Dept of Political Science$59,130
Dept of Population Health$56,484
Dept of Psychology and Philosophy$45,000
Dept of Public Health$13,500
Dept of Sociology$64,278
Dept of Theatre and Musical Theatre$53,559
Dept of World Languages & Cultures$39,456
Desktop Services$67,000
Disability Services$44,349
Disbursements & Travel Services$39,192
Div Teacher Education$39,468
Engineering Tech$44,664
Enrollment Marketing&Communication$56,640
Enrollment Services$47,296
Enrollment Services - COM$62,520
Executive MBA$46,008
F&O Business Solutions$80,000
Facilities Business Services$46,471
Facilities Carpenter Shop$42,844
Facilities Customer Service$16,642
Facilities Management$44,960
Faculty Records and Reporting$56,016
Fin Accting & Rprting-Controller$58,272
Financial Aid$42,345
First Gen Center$60,830
GPAC Box Office$56,088
Garrett Transition Service Center$80,520
General Accounting$56,700
Graduate School$45,120
Greengate Academy$2,016
Health Center$44,853
Health Promotions$57,012
Homeland Security$100,008
Honors Program$55,848
Human Resources$46,500
IT - COM$57,500
IT Business Services Unit$61,623
IT Business Services Unit-ITAM$49,668
IT CS - Admin FTE$47,998
IT CS - Service Desk FTE$45,408
IT CS - Tech Shop FTE$46,008
IT Client Services$59,436
IT Data Center$51,072
IT Engagement$74,022
IT Enterprise Services$84,876
IT Enterprise Services - FI$63,500
IT Enterprise Services - HR$67,068
IT ISS - Data Center$50,554
IT ISS - Systems$76,944
IT Infrastructure & Support Service$69,339
IT Infrastructure and Support$112,884
IT Operations$68,568
IT Project Management$74,904
IT Security$68,988
IT Systems & Operations$73,056
IT- Telephone$67,260
Informal Recreation$43,572
Information Technology$112,500
Inst Forensic Research Trng & Innov$68,208
Institutional Research$57,075
International Programs$41,278
Landscape Services$31,202
Leadership Initiatives$53,328
Managed Apllications$70,032
Medical Services$39,048
Medical Student Affairs$85,804
Military Science$41,064
Molecular & Cellular Biology$110,128
Newton Gresham Library$49,440
Nursing Program$43,500
Off of the Prov and VP for Acad Aff$85,008
Office of Dean of Students$65,770
Office of Enrollment Management$170,000
Office of Enrollment Success$54,960
Office of Equity & Title IX$63,882
Office of Finance and Operations$78,000
Office of PGA PGM Program$50,584
Office of Research Administration$60,162
Office of Student Affairs$58,500
Office of University Advancement$262,500
Office of the Dean CE$62,243
Office of the President$60,000
Office of the Vice Provost$82,000
One-Stop Center$40,524
Online Professional Learning$65,547
Osteopathic Medicine$55,632
Osteopathic Principles and Practice$160,000
PI CJ HIDTA$55,008
PI CJ Patrick Buzzini$51,672
PI COE Stacey Edmonson$25,875
PI ELC Matthew Fuller$39,600
PI McNair Program$53,596
PI SBDC$40,008
PI SOTL Abbie Strunc$28,383
PI TRIO SSS$43,608
Physiology & Pharmacology$111,572
President's Supplement$159,000
Primary Care$198,708
Program Biology$84,573
Program Geography$86,274
Program Geology$90,162
Program Support & Resources$77,246
Proposal Administration$72,644
Public Safety Services$66,924
Raven Nest$47,256
Recreational Sports$46,288
Residence Life$44,628
SAM Center$40,008
SAS - Cashier's Office$43,000
SHSU Delta Shared Services$52,764
SHSU Online$47,020
SHSU Online Creative Svs & Innovati$43,854
SHSU Online Finance & Admin$67,128
SHSU Online Multimedia Svcs$46,776
SHSU Online Operations$56,000
SHSU Online Research & Special Proj$63,600
Sam Houston Elite$55,996
School of Agricultural Sciences$39,504
School of Music$46,032
School of Teaching and Learning$50,004
Small Business$52,250
Small Business Cost Share$53,016
Smith Hutson$59,148
Sponsored Programs$67,932
Strategic Enrollment & Innovation$110,250
Student Activities$50,000
Student Affairs - COM$49,718
Student Financial Services$55,352
Student Money Management Center$35,568
Student Success Initiatives$46,296
Student Success Technologies$42,000
Students' Legal Services$68,444
TRIES/Research Centers$41,604
TWC Outreach Services$104,904
Testing Center$29,065
Texas Review Press$31,968
The Woodlands Campus - Admin$48,000
University Hotel$37,500
Utilities Management$73,147
Veterans Resources$42,048
Victim Studies$12,024
Visitor Services$46,739

Data obtained: 3/9/2023