Texas A&M

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Median Salary


Minimum Salary


Maximum Salary


Employees By Gender

Most employees of this institution identify as female.

GenderEmployeesPercentMedian Salary

Employees By Race

Most employees of this institution identify as White.

RaceEmployeesPercentMedian Salary
American Indian or Alaska Native36
Black or African American662
Declined to Specify159
Hispanic or Latino1,559
Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander11
Two or More Races163


This institution has 318 departments.

DepartmentMedian Salary
Acad. & Business Performance Analytics$77,698
Academic Accounting & Business Services$52,000
Academic Affairs$62,500
Academic Effectiveness & Planning$66,118
Academic Innovation & Online Learning$62,768
Academic Success Center$48,629
Academy For Adv Telecomm & Learning Tech$99,078
Academy For Visual & Performing Arts$57,612
Advanced Education$107,737
Aerospace Engineering$133,584
Ag Leadership, Education & Communication$79,595
Aggie Honor System Office$42,000
Aggie One Stop$47,000
Agricultural Economics$83,199
Animal Science$97,929
Appelt Aggieland Visitor Center$57,750
Archi Finance Centralized$76,162
Artie Mcferrin Department Of Chemical En$123,162
Associate Dean Round Rock$55,110
Associate Vp And Controller$165,035
Athletic Compliance$88,918
Athletics Department$67,626
Atmospheric Sciences$76,240
Biochemistry And Biophysics$99,286
Biological And Agricultural Engineering$124,865
Biomedical Engineering$112,029
Biomedical Sciences$79,836
Budget & Planning$86,995
Bush Presidential Library Foundation$66,833
Bush School Dc Teaching Site$67,457
Bush School Of Government & Public Svc$55,000
Business Development$74,857
Business Undergraduate Special Programs$55,748
Campus Ops Finance Centralized$69,520
Campus Planning, Design, & Construction$90,000
Career Center$54,607
Cbhec Finance Centralized$58,357
Cell Biology And Genetics$52,149
Center For Executive Development$62,404
Center For Teaching Excellence$74,280
Central Receiving$38,836
Chief Financial Officer$243,972
Children's Center$36,966
Ciadm Finance Centralized$74,784
Civil Engineering$108,747
Clinical Affairs$36,717
Clinical Learning Resource Center$57,000
Clinical Pathology$259,536
Clinical Science & Translational Researc$74,352
Clinical Strategy$49,835
Clrc Finance Centralized$54,000
Coastal Bend Health Education Center$46,646
College Of Agriculture - Admin - Dean$66,698
College Of Architecture$53,229
College Of Arts & Sciences$63,018
College Of Education - Admin - Dean$61,025
College Of Engineering - Admin - Dean$62,000
College Of Law$22,000
College Of Vet Medicine - Admin - Dean$54,060
Colonias Program$26,925
Com Department Of Medical Education$129,123
Com Educational Quality Improvement$52,400
Commandant - Corp Of Cadets$59,975
Comparative Medicine Program$35,370
Compliance And Risk Management$83,972
Comprehensive Dentistry$48,186
Computer Science$127,007
Construction Science$87,129
Cop - Pharmacy Practice$106,480
Counseling & Psychological Services$72,000
Ctr For Innovation In Adv Dev & Manufact$101,370
Ctr For New Ventures And Entrepreneurshi$47,500
Cyclotron Institute$60,907
Deans Office - Faculty Affairs$64,000
Deans Office - Research Administration$77,770
Dental Hygiene$37,897
Dentistry Finance Centralized$63,089
Dentistry Research$48,473
Department Of Communication$60,521
Department Of Contract Administration$105,000
Department Of Performance Studies$127,937
Departmental Accounting Services$69,233
Dept Of Music Activities$66,450
Diagnostic Sciences$53,554
Disability Resources$43,320
Distance Learning - Engineering$69,220
Ecology And Conservation Biology$96,959
Economic Development & Community Impact$75,178
Education Abroad$42,637
Educational Adm & Human Resource Develop$69,963
Educational Broadcast Services$54,131
Educational Psychology$73,440
Electrical And Computer Engineering$128,877
Engineering Medicine$100,000
Engineering Student Serv & Academic Prog$68,000
Engineering Technology & Industrial Dist$76,500
Enterprise Information Systems$81,000
Environmental And Occupational Health$101,376
Environmental Health & Safety Department$50,195
Epidemiology And Biostatistics$88,624
Executive Mba Office$38,982
Executive Vice President And Provost$235,440
Facilities & Safety Administration$42,240
Facility Management$51,500
Family Medicine Residency Program-B/Cs$58,500
Finance - Bush School$69,076
Finance - College Of Architecture$44,702
Finance - College Of Arts & Sciences$56,538
Finance - College Of Education$54,999
Finance - College Of Veterinary Medicine$53,000
Finance - Mays Business School$64,894
Finance - Research$55,653
Finance - School Of Law$51,721
Finance - Student Affairs$54,025
Finance - University Libraries$32,092
Finance - Vet Teaching Hospital$47,230
Finance Operations$61,845
Finance-School Of Visual & Fine Arts$56,500
Financial Management Operations$53,841
Food Science And Technology$87,905
Geochemical & Environmental Research Gro$59,080
Geology And Geophysics$89,694
Global Engagement$74,750
Global Health Research Complex$60,050
Global Languages And Cultures$68,751
Government Relations$185,293
Graduate And Professional Studies$53,000
Health And Kinesiology$60,920
Health Behavior$72,000
Health Policy & Management$71,000
Healthy South Texas$183,106
Horticultural Sciences$100,083
Hsc Senior Vice President$288,644
Hsc-Avp Research$189,998
Hsc-Office Of Finance And Administration$76,565
Human Resources$59,490
Humanities In Medicine$107,053
Ibt Finance Centralized$70,686
Ibt-Ctcr-Translational Cancer Research$54,543
Ibt-Ctr For Epigenetics & Disease Prev$52,704
Ibt-Ctr For Genomics & Precision Medicin$57,695
Ibt-Ctr For Infect & Inflam Diseases$50,526
Ibt-Par-Animal Research$29,534
Immigration Affairs$64,994
Industrial And Systems Engineering$114,939
Information & Operations Management Bana$118,672
Institute For Scientific Computation$93,075
Institute Of Quantum Science$65,488
Instructional Media Services$60,174
International Affairs$95,602
International Business Studies Center$42,500
International Ocean Discovery Program$64,165
International Student & Scholar Services$45,500
Interprofessional Education & Research$63,999
It Academic Services$71,057
Landscape Architecture & Urban Planning$79,513
Marcomm Finance Centralized$52,100
Marketing & Communications$64,203
Materials Characterization Facility$63,563
Materials Science And Engineering$106,182
Math Learning Center$45,823
Mays Business School - Admin - Dean$136,004
Mba Program Office$75,000
Mcallen Finance Centralized$67,406
Mcallen Higher Ed Center$57,000
Mechanical Engineering$112,506
Medical Physiology$56,712
Medicine Finance Centralized$64,568
Memorial Student Programs$53,510
Microbial Pathogenesis And Immunology$60,328
Microscopy And Imaging Center$81,535
Military Medicine$45,900
Multicultural Services$48,882
Multidisciplinary Engineering$80,871
Neuroscience And Experimental Therapeuti$53,758
Nuclear Engineering$132,410
Nursing Finance Centralized$54,464
Nutrition And Food Science$79,981
Ocean Engineering$83,024
Office For Diversity$114,166
Office For Student Success$56,667
Office Of Admissions$42,000
Office Of Institutional Development$131,750
Office Of Institutional Effectiveness$75,399
Office Of Sustainability$58,262
Office Of The President$358,800
Ome - Academic Affairs$75,437
Ome - Academic Technology$56,500
Ome - Admissions$75,000
Ome - Diversity & Inclusion$142,900
Ome - Graduate Medical Education$56,906
Ome - Graduate Studies$69,850
Ome - Office Of Evaluation & Assessment$64,000
Ome - Student Affairs$58,191
Oral Surgery$43,577
Pediatric Dentistry$37,584
Petroleum Engineering$112,500
Pharmacy Finance Centralized$59,762
Philosophy And Humanities$63,756
Physics And Astronomy$86,628
Plant Pathology And Microbiology$111,096
Political Science$108,207
Poultry Science$95,101
Presidential Conference Center$45,900
Primary Care Medicine$52,116
Private Enterprise Research Center$67,808
Procurement Services$65,120
Psychiatry Bryan College Station Campus$57,000
Public Health Finance Centralized$54,999
Public Health Sciences$104,113
Public Health Studies$44,015
Public Policy Research Institute$56,504
Public Service And Administration$100,868
Qatar Executive Management$81,176
Rangeland, Wildlife And Fisheries Mgmt$78,750
Recreation, Parks, And Tourism Sci$82,500
Recreational Sports Department$65,200
Reed Arena$45,000
Regional Campus - Bryan/College Station$55,063
Regional Campus - Temple$74,259
Research Finance Centralized$100,000
Research Information Systems$93,122
Residence Life$51,450
Rudder Theatre Complex$46,145
Rural And Community Health Institute$71,963
School Of Nursing$63,964
School Of Perf Visualization & Fine Arts$65,043
School Of Public Health$76,899
Sea Grant Program Office$70,000
Sod Administration$141,719
Soil & Crop Sciences$107,835
Som - Medical Student Research$53,550
Som - Pre-Clerkship$54,000
Som Administration$98,450
Son-Academic Support$60,360
Sop - Office Of The Dean$52,255
Sph Center For Community Hlth Developmt$63,267
Sph Center For Population Health & Aging$49,678
Sponsored Research Services$66,471
Strategic Partnerships & Initiatives$115,551
Student Activities$52,412
Student Affairs$49,813
Student Business Services$52,032
Student Financial Aid Operations Accts$49,080
Student Health Services$69,963
Student Life$49,000
Student Life Studies$61,057
Tamhsc Mcallen Campus$46,308
Tamu Libraries$46,863
Teaching, Learning And Culture$70,000
Tex Vet$58,016
Texas A&M Energy Institute$60,741
Texas A&M Information Technology$72,800
Texas A&M Institute Of Data Science$83,578
Texas A&M Neuroscience Institute$39,624
Texas A&M University - Payroll$48,000
Texas A&M University Press$53,515
Texas Real Estate Research Center$101,247
Texas Target Communities$53,400
Transition Academic Programs$48,561
Translational Medical Sciences$144,025
Transportation Services$42,156
Tx A&M Agrilife Research$54,000
Ugsp- Strategic Partnerships$32,945
Uhs Finance Centralized$55,008
Undergrad Recruitment & Outreach$92,577
Undergraduate Recruitment$51,000
University Art Exhibits$47,512
University Center_& Special Events$42,619
University Police$56,376
University Risk And Compliance$79,200
University Writing Center$43,680
Utilities & Energy Services$53,546
Vet - Large Animal Clinical Sciences$108,665
Vet - Pathobiology$58,262
Vet - Small Animal Medicine & Surgery$53,282
Vet - Teaching Hospital$44,130
Veteran Resource & Support Center$59,850
Veterinary - Physiology & Pharmacology$116,625
Veterinary Integrative Biosciences$89,416
Veterinary Medical Park$37,813
Vice President For Research$83,892
Vice President For Student Affairs$121,318
Vice Provost$158,508
Vice Provost For Student Success$96,999
Vp For Facilities$74,601
Vp For Faculty Affairs$73,108
Vp For Finance & Deputy Cfo$150,000
Vp For Operations$224,400
Vp-Acad & Strategic Collaborations$110,000
Whole Systems Genomics Initiative$49,068
Zachry Engineering Education Complex$53,000

Data obtained: 3/21/2023