University of Houston

Total Employees


Median Salary


Minimum Salary


Maximum Salary


Employees By Gender

Most employees of this institution identify as female.

GenderEmployeesPercentMedian Salary

Employees By Race

Most employees of this institution identify as White.

RaceEmployeesPercentMedian Salary
American Indian or Alaska Native159
Black or African American1,776
Hispanic or Latino2,039
Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander32
Not Provided136


This institution has 460 departments.

DepartmentMedian Salary
A&F Business Services$55,536
Academic Affairs$95,750
Academic Communications$51,328
Academic Support Center$14,976
Academic Transfer Advising$54,998
Accessibility Support Center$51,930
Accountancy & Taxation$104,268
Accounting & Int'l Business$69,161
Accounting Certificate Program$44,637
Accounts Payable$47,465
Administration & Finance$59,050
Advancement & Univ Relations$69,012
African-American Studies$2,999
Alumni Relations$63,512
Alumni Relations, Law$63,785
Alumni, Career & Development$34,008
Animal Care Operations$49,025
Annual Giving$83,500
Applied Administration$3,600
Applied Business & Technology$65,751
Arte Publico Press$42,723
Arts & Communication$52,473
Assoc VC/VP, Finance$261,630
Assoc VP For Administration$66,000
Associate Dean, Law$53,898
Auxiliary Services$46,277
Auxiliary Services Operations$76,412
BUS Dean's Office$13,585
Bauer Career Services Ctr$61,332
Bauer Communications$61,795
Bauer Division of Technology$59,082
Bauer Graduate Prf Programs$51,328
Behavioral & Social Sciences$144,999
Biological Sciences$68,710
Biomedical Engineering$78,175
Biomedical Sciences$80,504
Blaffer Gallery$40,202
Board of Regents$78,038
Brand Mgmt Licens & Trademarks$80,000
Budget Office$76,845
Business Affairs$97,040
Business Operations$64,253
Business Services$32,406
Business Services, Law$68,356
CNTR For Carbon Mgmt in Energy$210,360
COE Dean's Office$3,623
COE-Ctr for Prof Dev-Teachers$80,004
CSE Dean's Office$78,551
CWM Center for the Arts$43,500
Campus Recreation$48,176
Campus Recreation & Wellness$19,760
Campus Safety Administration$156,499
Campus Safety Systems$69,892
Campus Solutions Services$67,133
Campus Solutions Svc$92,916
Capital Project & Construction$40,318
Career Services$47,004
Center for Faculty Development$78,956
Center for Public History$61,771
Center for Regional Collab$39,153
Center for Student Empowerment$45,780
Center for Student Involvement$45,270
Center for Student Media$40,872
Center for Student Success$42,406
Central Facility Services$42,983
Challenger Program$11,856
Chemical Engineering$60,000
Child & Family Center$25,740
Children's Learning Centers$39,828
Civil Engineering$82,482
Clinic Enterprise$54,520
Clinical Sciences$120,203
Clinical, Health&Appl Sciences$72,250
College of Business$100,284
College of Edu and Health Prof$9,000
College of Lib Art and Soc Sci$43,929
College of Natural and App Sci$56,699
College of Public Service$61,710
Communication & Marketing, Law$62,045
Communication & Studio Arts$61,254
Communication Disorders$36,587
Community Design Resource Ctr$19,760
Community Engagement$65,297
Community Health$65,562
Community Optometry$59,058
Comparative Cultural Studies$48,879
Composite Eng Applications Ctr$47,878
Computer Sci & Engr Technology$64,402
Computer Science$80,845
Computing Sciences$106,571
Computing, Telecom & Video Net$59,863
Conference & Event Services$52,296
Construction Management$8,000
Contracts Administration$90,000
Cooperative Engineering$64,863
Corp & Foundation Relations$82,500
Cougar Card$50,004
Cougars in Recovery$66,206
Counseling & Psychologic Svcs$66,000
Counseling Services$58,809
Counseling, SPED, & Diversity$70,824
Criminal Justice$6,750
Criminal Justice Training Ctr.$2,080
Ctr Drug & Social Policy Resrc$61,775
Ctr Fraternity & Sorority Life$57,334
Ctr Public Serv&Comm Research$84,121
Ctr for Adv Mgmt Programs$43,068
Ctr for Diversity & Inclusion$52,278
Ctr for Info Tech In Education$71,733
Ctr for Nuclear Rec & Cell Sig$71,972
Cullen Performance Hall$69,648
Curriculum & Instruction$46,811
DOR Communications$63,068
Data Science Institute$63,056
Data, Assessment, and IT, DOR$70,872
Dean Liberal Arts & Social Sci$52,656
Dean of Students$71,000
Dean's Office Bauer College$62,229
Dean, Architecture and Design$50,494
Dean, Education$49,393
Dean, Engineering$73,021
Dean, Honors College$34,320
Dean, Law$12,975
Dean, Natural Sciences & Math$64,074
Dean, Optometry$90,000
Dean, Pharmacy$54,960
Dean, Social Work$66,625
Dean, Technology$51,561
Dean,Global Hospitality Leader$50,500
Deans Office - Arts$53,580
Deans Office - CON$42,129
Decis Sci, Econ, Fin, Marktng$120,065
Decision & Information Science$96,461
Development - Athletics$67,790
Disability Services$63,500
Distance & Off-Campus Educ$67,272
Distance Education$59,228
ES Communication & Marketing$56,488
Earth & Atmospheric Sciences$64,976
Ed Leadership & Policy Studies$53,750
Educ Effectiveness & Outreach$80,704
Educ Leadership & Cultural Stu$57,678
Educ Tech & Univ Outreach$78,341
Education Innovation & Tech$61,932
Educational Testing Services$13,728
Electrical Engineering$100,325
Emergency Management$70,000
Emergency Mgmt & Fire Safety$88,440
Employment Svcs & Operations$63,000
Engineering Technology$90,499
Engr Undergraduate Programs$55,000
Enrl Mgmt & New Stu Exp$37,335
Enrollment Communications$60,302
Enrollment Management$55,825
Enrollment Services$94,860
Enrollment Strategy&Marketing$50,294
Enrollment Svc Business Svc$52,656
Enterprise Systems$95,839
Env Health & Life Safety$56,100
Environmental Health & Safety$58,620
Environmental Inst of Houston$29,169
Environmental Sciences$65,358
Equal Opportunity$41,541
Equal Opportunity Services$85,044
Executive & Internal Comm$85,526
Executive Degree Programs$35,006
Experiential Programs$49,008
Exploratory Studies$53,580
FMC - Building Maintenance$36,816
FMC - Central Plant$45,770
FMC - Custodial Services$30,014
FMC - General Services$45,302
FMC - Grounds Maintenance$32,240
FMC - Scheduling & Space Plan$64,284
Facilities Business Services$54,879
Facilities Management$51,116
Facilities Operation and Maint$46,841
Facilities Planning & Cnstr$80,088
Facilities Services$29,744
Facilities, Law$44,428
Facilities/Const Mgmt Admin$100,641
Faculty Affairs$70,000
Faculty Dev & Instruct Support$72,324
Faculty Senate$52,656
Field Office$12,400
Finance & Admin Ofc of Provost$140,000
Finance & Mgmt Info Systems$69,266
Financial Aid$45,635
Financial Computing Systems$73,859
Financial Reporting$70,622
Forensics Program$53,580
GCSW Research Center Support$15,860
Gator Success Center$49,985
Gen Bus, Market & Supp Chain$26,853
General Accounting$65,508
General Counsel$100,000
General Support Services$43,908
Gift Impact & Compliance$59,774
Gift Planning$110,298
Gift Processing & Records$47,028
Global Hospitality Leadership$64,170
Global Learning & Strategy Off$54,348
Graduate & International Adm$50,684
Graduate School$50,000
HEALTH Research Institute$52,656
HPM Business Services$68,144
HPM Development$151,282
HSH Dean's Office$60,000
HUB Programs$89,882
Health & Human Performance$72,249
Health Services$56,764
Health Syst & Population Sci$150,000
Health, Human Perf. Inst$61,036
Healthcare Admin Program$95,627
High Performance Comp Network$109,629
Hispanic Studies$54,999
History,Humanities & Languages$47,908
Hobby School of Public Affairs$66,339
Honors Programs$80,580
Houston Coastal Center$45,779
Human Develop & Consumer Sci$9,880
Human Resources$65,000
Human Sciences$72,000
Humana Health System Sci Inst$61,620
Humanities & Social Sciences$61,000
Industrial Engineering$96,950
Info & Logistics Technology$51,545
Information Systems &Reporting$77,436
Information Technology$53,951
Institn'l Rsrch&Effectiveness$53,041
Institute Global Engagement$56,778
Institutional Effectiveness$74,566
Institutional Research$75,120
Int'l Student & Scholar Svcs$54,892
Integrated Enrollment Services$53,040
Internal Audit$92,100
International Programs$36,701
Joint Advising$48,463
KUHF Radio$79,035
KUHT TV$70,872
LGBTQ Resource Center$56,936
Lab & Research$39,832
Latina Maternal Fam Hlth$50,000
Law Foundation$73,990
Law Library$75,000
Leadership & Policy Analysis$81,768
Learning Adv of Undgrad Cougar$60,689
Liberal Arts$60,120
Lit, Lib Sci & Learning Tech$71,004
Local Custodial Services$27,747
Local Maintenance Services$40,747
M Davies College of Business$46,300
MSW Admissions Office$50,000
Management Department$101,013
Marketing & Communications$51,704
Marketing Department$125,560
Mathematics & Statistics$65,814
Mathematics and Statistics$51,600
Measurement & Evaluation$70,582
Mechanical Engineering$96,000
Media Relations$65,000
Medical Education$61,620
Mexican-American Studies$50,840
Mgmt & Insurance Risk Mgmt$20,250
Military and Veteran Services$49,188
Minor In-House Construction$58,822
Minority Male Programs$33,138
Modern & Classical Languages$53,019
Nat'l Ctr Airborne Laser Map$73,239
Natural Sciences$50,000
Neighborhood & Strategic Init$157,969
Nonprofit Leadership Alliance$57,085
Nursing Program$38,655
Ofc of Inst Effectiveness$60,324
Office of Academic Records$40,040
Office of Admissions$36,358
Office of Contracts & Grants$69,648
Office of Info Technology$58,956
Office of Inst Research$66,408
Office of Sponsored Programs$56,004
Office of Student Advocacy$68,016
Office of Study Abroad$71,000
Office of Tech Trnsfr & Innova$70,000
Office of Title IX Equity/DIV$58,924
Office of the Dean$73,280
Office of the President$72,942
Office of the Provost$98,146
Office of the Univ Registrar$44,782
Online Functional Support$70,872
Optometry Clinic$39,520
Orientation & New Student Prog$47,199
PC - Admissions$46,332
PC - Campus Operations$58,933
PC - Library$17,160
PC - Student Business Services$34,590
PC Office of Info Technology$41,544
Parking & Transport Operations$56,838
Parking and Transportation$45,676
Petroleum Engineering$70,285
Phar Health Outcomes & Policy$139,482
Pharm Prac & Trans Research$113,361
Pharmacological & Pharmaceutic$112,368
Phys Plant-Automotive$36,400
Phys Plant-Grounds Maintenance$40,112
Phys Plant-Solid Waste$31,085
Physical & Applied Sciences$73,062
Placement Testing Services$37,752
Planning & Budget Office$56,805
Plant Accounting$62,360
Political Science$80,781
Pre-Health Advising$58,458
Premier Center$57,120
Preventive Maintenance$40,747
Printing Operations$39,832
Procurement & Contracts$53,775
Programming and Curriculum$109,620
Property Accounting$54,641
Protocol and Special Events$52,500
Public Administration Program$66,449
Public Art$73,777
Real Estate Services$96,903
Registrar & Student Records$37,335
Religion Center$41,995
Research & Sponsored Programs$79,500
Research Admin & Spons Program$42,737
Research Administration$86,627
Research Integrity & Oversight$88,514
Research Management Systems$60,564
Residential Housing$37,335
Risk Management$76,500
SA Admissions & Outreach$69,648
SSI College Advising$50,004
Sales Excellence Institute$48,228
Scholars Academy$51,757
Scholarships & Financial Aid$47,132
Sciences & Technology$54,141
Security Management$21,600
Senior Vice Chancellor$425,000
Small Business Development Ctr$62,388
Social & Cultural Sciences$67,424
Social Sciences$42,000
Social Work$7,200
Special Events$37,177
Sports and Fitness$9,100
Sr Vice President & Provost$59,004
Staff Council$53,580
State Appropriation Accounting$70,041
Strategic Initiatives$60,960
Strategic Partnerships$56,616
Stu Involvement & Leadership$46,764
Stud Succ & Stud Life$61,200
Student Accessibility Center$52,656
Student Activities$53,353
Student Administration Systems$67,266
Student Affairs$60,480
Student Affairs Business Srvc$51,736
Student Affairs IT Services$60,564
Student Business Services$51,001
Student Center$47,629
Student Div, Equity & Inclus$51,066
Student Health Center$52,656
Student Housing & Res Life$45,900
Student Housing & Resid. Life$45,864
Student Life$37,336
Student Services$53,709
Student Success & Initiatives$47,028
Student Svcs&Judicial Affairs$26,145
Success Center$34,944
TX Ctr Superconductivity at UH$68,406
Talent Development$54,932
Talent Search$42,500
Tax Accounting$53,328
Teaching and Learning Center$65,000
Technical Services$91,410
Technology Learning Services$45,070
Technology Services & Support$69,648
Theater and Cultural Arts$18,668
Transfer Advising Program$48,609
Tx Inst Measure, Eval & Stat$46,572
UH Energy$66,700
UH Level Core Facilities ULCF$58,011
UH Population Health$92,500
UH Sugar Land$60,564
UHV Katy Enrl Mgmt/Ext Aff$45,000
UHV Katy Info Technology$520
UHV Katy Operations$41,581
UIT Business Services$67,936
UIT Security$105,924
Undergrad Student Success Ctr$113,710
Undergraduate Academic Affairs$80,133
Undergraduate Admissions$40,019
Undergraduate Student Success$56,355
University Advancement$75,348
University Advancement VC/VP$52,656
University Career Services$53,819
University Information Tech$72,137
University Libraries$65,203
University Marketing$65,632
University Police$55,332
Upward Bound$39,541
Urban Education$7,200
User Support Services$65,122
VC/VP, Admin & Finance$424,607
VC/VP, Governmental Relations$178,944
VC/VP, Student Affairs$144,050
VC/VP, Univ Marketing & Comm$73,130
VC/VP, University Advancement$272,497
VP For Research Central Office$93,480
Veteran's Services$82,133
Veterans Services$43,001
Vice Pres, Admin & Finance$138,930
Web & Digital Marketing$72,454
Wellness Center$53,580
Wolff Ctr For Entrepreneurship$51,450
Women and Gender Resource Cent$45,780
Women's Studies Program$9,000
Wortham House$37,128
Writing Center$14,820

Data obtained: 4/3/2023