UT Austin

Total Employees


Median Salary


Minimum Salary


Maximum Salary


Employees By Gender

Most employees of this institution identify as female.

GenderEmployeesPercentMedian Salary
Not Provided17

Employees By Race

Most employees of this institution identify as White.

RaceEmployeesPercentMedian Salary
American Indian or Alaska Native40
Black or African American1,148
Hispanic or Latino3,864
Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander10
Not Provided33
Two or More Races322


This institution has 1117 departments.

DepartmentMedian Salary
- SISL$130,000
ACCT Accounting Department$50,000
AD's Office$70,000
ADS - Shipping/Receiving$79,102
AIM Investment Center$87,526
ARC DPRI Hiring Supervisor$37,504
ARC Facility Hiring Manager$60,000
ARC Supervisor$40,000
ARC Technologist Hiring Supervisor$55,000
Academic Affairs$115,000
Academic Business Affairs$96,000
Academic Information Services$101,764
Academic Information Systems$88,400
Academic Personnel Services$66,000
Academic Production Management$57,817
Academic Space Planning$50,000
Academic Technology$70,000
Access and Outcomes Center$41,200
Admin Services$50,301
Administrative Office$60,926
Administrative Services$52,483
African and African Diaspora Studies$63,260
African and African Diaspora Studies, Department$134,932
Animal Resources Center$40,000
Annette Strauss Institute for Civic Life$62,500
Apartment Life$48,830
Apartments Occupancy Conferences$90,177
Aphasia Lab$79,181
Applied Research Laboratories$312,645
Art and Art History$44,290
Arthur M Blank Center for Stuttering Education & Research$66,787
Assistant Dean for Professional Programs, Executive Director UTLA & UTNY$130,000
Athletic Performance$50,000
Athletic Performance FB$130,000
Athletic Performance Olympic$75,500
Austin Technology Incubator$95,970
BBA Program Office$59,000
Barbara Jordan Chair in Ethics and Political Values; Center for the Study of Race and Democracy$116,158
Basketball Strength and Conditioning$56,160
Bess Harris Jones Professorship; Research and Sponsored Projects$45,000
Billing & Insurance$46,962
Biology Instruction Office$52,100
Biology Instructional Office$50,000
Biomedical Engineering$116,625
Biomedical Enginering$62,000
Blanton Museum of Art$31,200
Bridging Barriers - Office of the Vice President for Research$80,000
Brief Assessment and Referral Team$66,185
Budget Office$113,923
Building Logistics and Keys$50,930
Building Services - Jester$39,335
Building Services - Pest Control$44,953
Building Services - Quad CRH Nueces$39,335
Building Services - Waller Creek$38,949
Building Services - Whitis$39,335
Bureau of Economic Geology$89,383
Business Administration$54,855
Business Affairs$47,000
Business Contracts$79,353
Business Development$130,000
Business Office$75,762
Business Services$73,411
Business Systems Management$60,000
Business and Financial Services$46,400
Business and Technology Services$137,500
Butler School of Music$34,320
CAMP Sports Medicine$156,000
CCIMS Center for Customer Insight & Marketing Solutions$44,040
CFME‐Center for Media Engagement$81,500
CIO/ITS COO Office$80,278
CLE Center for Leadership and Ethics$54,215
CMHC & UHS$251,217
CMHC Integrated Health$80,639
CMHC/Center for Students in Recovery$75,000
CMHC/UHS Data Team$78,000
CMHC/UHS Public Information Team$69,060
CNS Advising$45,000
CNS Advising and Student Services$75,000
CNS Business Services$85,000
CNS Career Services$51,500
CNS Communications$57,750
CNS Communications and Events$70,000
CNS Dean$39,998
CNS Development$61,270
CNS Diversity and Student Programs$63,290
CNS Faculty Affairs$65,000
CNS Graduate Education$81,453
CNS Health Professions$55,750
CNS Honors$50,000
CNS Information Technology$65,000
CNS Quest$52,500
CNS Research and Facilities$81,061
CNS Strategy and Planning$99,820
CNS Student Records$45,000
CNS Undergraduate Education$57,600
CPC - Capital Planning and Construction$91,310
CREO-Campus Real Estate Office$92,500
CS - 007 Electrical Shop$60,357
CS - 021 Carpenter Shop$45,760
CS - 022 Paint Shop$42,978
CS - 023 Mechanical Shop$61,064
CS - 024 General Construction$46,418
CS - 038 Abatement Shop$47,248
CS - 042 Sign Shop$46,588
CS - 100 Area Supervisor$41,628
CS - 111$33,532
CS - 112$35,360
CS - 113$33,930
CS - 114$33,544
CS - 115$32,774
CS - 116$36,400
CS - 200 Area Supervisor$44,022
CS - 221$35,360
CS - 222$35,360
CS - 300 Area Supervisor$42,977
CS - 331$35,360
CS - 332$35,360
CS - 333$35,360
CS - 400 Area Supervisor$41,402
CS - 442$35,360
CS - 443$35,360
CS - 444$35,360
CS - 445$35,360
CS - 500 Area Supervisor$40,707
CS - 551$35,360
CS - 552$35,360
CS - 553$35,360
CS - 554$35,360
CS - 600 Area Supervisor$42,043
CS - 661$35,360
CS - 662$35,360
CS - 663$35,360
CS - 664$35,360
CS - 700 Area Supervisor$41,835
CS - 771$35,360
CS - 772$35,360
CS - 773$35,360
CS - 774$35,360
CS - 881 LBJ Library$35,360
CS - 883$35,360
CS - 992 Repair$37,818
CS - Administration$36,473
CS - Construction Services$71,678
CS - Custodial Services$88,000
CS - Day Operations Management$65,722
CS - Night Operations Management$60,137
CS - Production Control$44,290
CS - Project Management and Construction Services$93,465
CS - Project Planning & Production Control$70,000
CS - Training$45,000
CS OPS - Utilities Operations$50,252
Campus Distribution Services$42,000
Campus Planning and Project Management$143,500
Campus Services$123,600
Capital Planning and Construction$164,320
Career Development$52,000
Career Management and Corporate Relations$64,020
Career Services$44,500
Center For Identity$113,671
Center Operations & Administration$101,385
Center for Aeromechanics Research$104,936
Center for Asian American Studies$51,415
Center for Biomedical Research Support$75,425
Center for Community College Student Engagement$62,527
Center for Community College Student Engagement $80,806
Center for Electromechanics$88,941
Center for Energy and Environmental Resources$92,405
Center for European Studies$63,000
Center for Global Business$61,360
Center for Health Communication$60,060
Center for High Energy Density Science$79,815
Center for Leadership and Ethics$69,000
Center for Mechanics of Solids, Structures, and Materials$48,000
Center for Media Engagement$57,740
Center for Mexican American Studies$60,000
Center for Middle Eastern Studies$54,000
Center for Perceptual Systems$63,303
Center for Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering$113,526
Center for Russian, East European, and Eurasian Studies$58,026
Center for Space Research$103,437
Center for Students in Recovery$54,000
Center for Taiwan Studies$50,000
Center for Teaching and Learning$81,325
Center for Transportation Research$71,609
Center for Water and the Environment$72,100
Center for Women's and Gender Studies$64,342
Central Admin Team$50,058
Chandra Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering$139,067
Charles A Dana Center$83,458
Charles A Dana Center for$63,444
Charles A. Dana Center$82,290
Chief Information Officer$118,000
Chilling Station Maintenance$58,351
Clark Center for Australian and New Zealand Studies$45,366
Clements Center for National Security$70,000
Clinical Operations$62,000
Clinical Support$42,560
Cockrell School of Engineering$70,000
Collaborative Research$80,238
College of Fine Arts$64,890
College of Liberal Arts$85,005
College of Liberal Arts Student Affairs Admin$37,050
College of Natural Sciences$231,750
College of Pharmacy$175,212
College of Pharmacy - Administration and Business$78,469
College of Pharmacy - Business Office Staff$45,000
College of Pharmacy - Business and Finance$81,701
College of Pharmacy - Development and Alumni Relations$56,000
College of Pharmacy - Research Support Staff$47,000
College of Pharmacy - Research and Graduate Studies$62,698
College of Pharmacy - TXCORE$84,000
College of Pharmacy Admissions and Advising - PharmD$58,200
College of Pharmacy Andrea Gore Research$62,383
College of Pharmacy Ben Liu Research$67,254
College of Pharmacy Bill Williams Research$59,280
College of Pharmacy Chanhyun Park Research$52,300
College of Pharmacy Chris Frei Research$46,384
College of Pharmacy Chris Whitman Research$63,573
College of Pharmacy Communications and Marketing$55,640
College of Pharmacy Continuing Education Office$58,867
College of Pharmacy Dawit Kidane-Mulat Research$36,635
College of Pharmacy Diversity and Inclusion$56,500
College of Pharmacy Division of Chemical Biology and Medicinal Chemistry$108,385
College of Pharmacy Division of Health Outcomes$94,500
College of Pharmacy Division of Molecular Pharmaceutics and Drug Delivery$130,605
College of Pharmacy Division of Pharmacology and Toxicology$98,268
College of Pharmacy Division of Pharmacotherapy$98,193
College of Pharmacy Division of Pharmacy Practice$97,199
College of Pharmacy Division of Pharmacy Practice - 0% Faculty$71,250
College of Pharmacy Divison of Pharmacy Practice - Student Office Staff$130,000
College of Pharmacy Experiential Programs$63,840
College of Pharmacy Grace Lee Research$57,045
College of Pharmacy Healthcare Partnerships and CE$89,259
College of Pharmacy Hugh Smyth Research$62,245
College of Pharmacy Interprofessional Education Center - Office$79,936
College of Pharmacy Jamie Barner Research$196,741
College of Pharmacy John Digiovanni Research$77,861
College of Pharmacy John Richburg Research$55,224
College of Pharmacy Karen Vasquez Research$60,898
College of Pharmacy Kevin Dalby Research$58,110
College of Pharmacy Kevin Dalby Research Service Core$90,061
College of Pharmacy Kim Nixon Research$59,824
College of Pharmacy Laura Fonken Research$45,000
College of Pharmacy Learning Resource Center$73,114
College of Pharmacy Leticia Moczygemba Research$57,500
College of Pharmacy Lucas Hill Research$68,000
College of Pharmacy Luis Natividad Research$48,751
College of Pharmacy Michela Marinelli Research$60,000
College of Pharmacy Mo Maniruzzaman Research$56,000
College of Pharmacy PharmD Academic Support$132,178
College of Pharmacy PharmD Academic Support, Programs, and Pharmobility$48,630
College of Pharmacy Pharmacology and Toxicology Division Office - Staff$54,151
College of Pharmacy Regina Mangieri Research$47,530
College of Pharmacy Regional Internship Personnel$71,250
College of Pharmacy Residents$30,000
College of Pharmacy Retail Pharmacy$111,016
College of Pharmacy Sharon DeMorrow Research$57,167
College of Pharmacy Somshuvra Mukhopadhyay Research$60,526
College of Pharmacy Student Affairs Office - PharmD$52,811
College of Pharmacy T32 Training Grant$53,004
College of Pharmacy TherapeUTex Service Core$63,100
Comal Child Development Center$39,443
Commemoration and Contextualization Projects$81,795
Community Engagement Guard Supervisor$37,477
Community Engagement Lieutenant$83,862
Community Engagement Public Safety Supervisor$37,477
Community Engagement Sergeant$64,991
Computer Services$84,715
Conferences and Events$61,231
Construction Industry Institute$79,426
Content Management$41,911
Copy Services-SSW$48,000
Counseling and Mental Health Center$77,408
Counselor in Academic Residence$70,266
Creative Development$57,000
Culture Collection of Algae$48,704
Curriculum and Instruction$75,000
D2I - Analytics$85,000
D2I - Data to Insights$135,000
D2I - Functional$87,000
D2I - Legacy Data Services$125,000
D2I - Technical$110,000
DANA - Charles A. Dana Center$133,000
DDCE Academic Diversity Initiatives$74,983
DDCE Chief of Staff$85,430
DDCE IT$55,000
DDCE Services for Students with Disabilities$111,280
DDCE Youth Engagement Centers$65,560
DER Development and External Relations$62,000
DGS Chair Office$58,800
DGS Principal Investigator$70,200
DGS Technology Services$112,830
DMN Innovation Project$62,000
DMS Landscape Services$37,440
Data Intensive Computing$136,181
Data Management & Collections$84,850
Dean's Office$224,540
Dean's Office Executive Assistant$39,140
Defense Research Advancement$84,135
Dell Medical School$75,318
Dell Medical School - ASC$40,000
Dell Medical School - Ambulatory Surgery Center$53,560
Dell Medical School - Dept of Psychiatry$120,000
Dell Medical School - Health Social Work$63,000
Dell Medical School - Revenue Cycle$53,000
Dell Medical School Department of Neurology$54,835
Dell Seton Sergeant$61,465
Dep Exec Director$189,484
Department of Accounting$146,580
Department of Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Mechanics$112,676
Department of African and African Diaspora Studies$66,000
Department of American Studies$96,293
Department of Anthropology$107,136
Department of Art and Art History$68,000
Department of Art and Art History Associate Chair$48,257
Department of Asian Studies$53,000
Department of Astronomy$106,210
Department of Biomedical Engineering$60,444
Department of Business, Government and Society$96,775
Department of Chemical Engineering$56,052
Department of Chemistry$55,913
Department of Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering$59,875
Department of Civil, Architectural, and Environmental Engineering$112,944
Department of Classics$103,050
Department of Communication Studies$110,200
Department of Communication Studies - Administrative$60,271
Department of Computer Science$95,405
Department of Diagnostic Medicine$230,486
Department of Economics$159,217
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering$60,450
Department of English$107,664
Department of English - Shakespeare at Winedale$54,490
Department of Finance$139,029
Department of French and Italian$61,260
Department of Geography and the Environment$67,352
Department of Geological Sciences$131,455
Department of Germanic Studies$57,087
Department of Government$135,832
Department of Health Social Work$99,128
Department of History$110,750
Department of Human Development and Family Sciences$87,500
Department of Information, Risk, and Operations Management$190,550
Department of Integrative Biology$99,583
Department of Internal Medicine$58,055
Department of Investigation and Adjudication$80,000
Department of Linguistics$104,481
Department of Management$69,719
Department of Marine Science$94,442
Department of Marketing$176,772
Department of Mathematics$78,100
Department of Mechanical Engineering$56,496
Department of Medical Education$74,000
Department of Medicine$228,444
Department of Mexican American and Latino/a Studies$114,502
Department of Middle Eastern Studies$95,000
Department of Middle Eastern Studies - Arabic Flagship Program$31,200
Department of Military Science$49,686
Department of Molecular Biosciences$64,310
Department of Naval Science - NROTC$46,234
Department of Neurology$126,536
Department of Neuroscience$113,342
Department of Neurosurgery$122,000
Department of Nutritional Sciences$68,313
Department of Oncology$150,000
Department of Ophthalmology$77,827
Department of Pediatrics$143,218
Department of Petroleum and Geosystems$95,000
Department of Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering$71,500
Department of Philosophy$158,485
Department of Physics$103,000
Department of Population Health$89,164
Department of Psychiatry$113,858
Department of Psychology$68,270
Department of ROTC-Air Force Science$47,024
Department of Radio-Television-Film$79,755
Department of Radio-Television-Film - Administrative$48,660
Department of Religious Studies$88,350
Department of Rhetoric and Writing$69,990
Department of Slavic and Eurasian Studies$57,603
Department of Sociology$123,000
Department of Spanish and Portuguese$60,000
Department of Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences$71,450
Department of Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences - Administrative$48,000
Department of Statistics and Data Sciences$106,413
Department of Surgery and Perioperative Care$203,134
Department of Theatre and Dance$63,000
Department of Women's Health$170,953
Dept of Diagnostic Medicine$33,280
Dept of Integrative Biology$31,200
Dept. of Mechanical Engineering$53,248
Digital Humanities Initiative - Clement$58,000
Dining - Catering$44,651
Dining - Coffee Brands$37,440
Dining - Cypress Bend$38,189
Dining - Dobie$38,189
Dining - George's Cafe$39,335
Dining - Jester City Market$37,440
Dining - Jester Dining$38,189
Dining - Jester Production Kitchen$39,335
Dining - Jester Warehouse$41,113
Dining - Kinsolving$39,335
Dining - Kinsolving Market$38,762
Dining - Littlefield Patio Cafe$39,335
Dining - Marketing$49,440
Dining - PCL$37,440
Dining - Sustainability$39,520
Dining and Catering$120,819
Disability and Access$64,000
Discovery to Impact$120,120
Dispatch Supervisor$52,000
Diversity Coordinators & Outreach Specialist$71,433
Diversity and Inclusion$84,000
Division of Diversity & Community Engagement$41,600
Division of Diversity and Community Engagement$61,750
Division of Textiles and Apparel$56,000
DoS Comm Area$57,500
Document Solutions$44,720
Dolph Briscoe Center for American History$51,250
EDP Executive Development Programs$87,500
EHS - Radiation Safety$49,000
EHS-Biological & Lab Safety$65,628
EHS-Campus & Occupational Safety$65,562
EHSD - Animal Make Safe$54,639
EMO - Demand Side Energy$80,000
EMO - Energy Management$85,000
EMO Control Systems$112,575
EMO Electrical and Instrument$74,000
EMO Power Systems Electrical$102,617
EPIC Evaluation Services$80,340
EPIC Outreach$72,000
Education - Business Services$73,209
Education - Development Office$56,000
Education - Development Team$95,000
Education - Education Services$64,000
Education - Equity, Community Engagement and Outreach$120,000
Education - OERS$77,250
Education - Office of the Dean$148,444
Education - Student Affairs$50,000
Education - Technology Offices$75,312
Education Abroad$51,000
Educational Leadership and Policy$82,000
Educational Psychology$84,247
Education ‐ Office of the Dean$124,800
Electrical Distribution$93,778
Electrical Distribution Associate Director$136,847
Electrical Distribution Elevator$79,690
Electrical Distribution Plant Maintenance$76,698
Electrical and Computer Engineering$54,363
Energy Institute$80,000
Energy Management and Innovation Center$57,870
Energy Management and Optimization Associate Director$139,990
Energy Management and Strategic Programs$71,473
English Language Center$54,000
Enrollment Management and Student Success$75,003
Enterprise Business Information Technology Solutions$89,777
Entrepreneurship Minor$60,200
Entrepreneurship Programs$92,500
Environmental Health and Safety$79,655
Event Operations$41,600
Extended Education Ventures$66,593
External Affairs$73,100
External Relations$73,000
External Relations & Development$70,000
External Relations and Development$60,000
FAS Business Services$52,000
FAS Diversity and Talent Management$90,000
FERC Financial Education and Research Center$109,060
FINC Finance Department$51,030
FOM - 006 LBJ Library$56,692
FOM - 014 Building Optimization$58,736
FOM - 019 Fire/Life/Safety Systems$54,845
FOM - 044 Bldg Automation and Operations$44,720
FOM - 051 PRC Zone$51,784
FOM - 091 North Zone$54,636
FOM - 092 Central Zone$50,638
FOM - 093 East Zone$52,828
FOM - 094 South Zone$53,657
FOM - 097 Engineering and Technical Support$85,639
FOM - 099 Swing Shift Zone Shop$53,674
FOM - 195 Dell Medical School$55,408
FOM - Building Operations$71,456
FOM - Facilities Operations and Maintenance$91,487
FOM - Warranty and Commissioning$67,718
FOM-019 Fire/Life/Safety$63,097
FOM-051 PRC Zone$51,958
FPM Business Operations$59,252
FPM Contracts$59,969
Fabrication Props$50,507
Fabrication and Academic Production$72,363
Facilities - Apartment Maintenance$48,806
Facilities - Residential Facilities Operations$79,749
Facilities - Security Services$58,350
Facilities Maintenance- North Zone$55,000
Facilities Maintenance- South Zone$56,675
Facilities Operations and Maintenance$114,637
Facilities Planning and Management$148,725
Facilities Services$73,437
Facilities Services Directors Office$60,443
Facilities Technical Staff$81,619
Facility Operations$47,870
Faculty Advancement and Strategic Initiatives$89,738
Faculty Affairs$104,000
Faculty Research$62,400
Finance & Administration$53,798
Finance Research Centers$61,440
Finance and Administration$76,473
Finance and Administration - Business Office$107,000
Finance and Administration - Human Resources$70,516
Finance and Administration - Information Technology Services$71,861
Financial Affairs$77,250
Financial Services$77,546
Financial and Administrative Services$152,131
Financial and Administrative Services Communications$66,259
Fine Arts UTeach$46,230
Fire Inspectors$51,780
Fire Prevention Services$88,150
Foodways Texas Program$42,128
Football Media Relations$63,960
Freshman Research Initiative$45,000
Front Desk$41,990
GEIA Global Engagement$62,500
GSLI Global Sustainability Leadership$70,000
Game Operations$61,750
Gault/Prehistory Research Project$39,500
Global Engagement$38,396
Global Risk & Safety$63,000
Governmental Affairs and Initiatives$145,000
Graduate and International Admissions Center$46,577
HITS and Medical Records$57,272
HR Support Services$59,160
HUB/SADBO Program Office$66,843
Hamilton Lab$41,800
Harry Huntt Ransom Humanities Research Center$56,780
Harry Ransom Center$51,564
Health Informatics Health IT$57,620
Hildebrand Department of Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering$145,827
Hogg Foundation for Mental Health$68,032
Human Development and Family Sciences$39,599
Human Dimensions of Organizations$59,740
Human Resources$57,240
Human Resources Learning & Development$86,715
Humanities Institute$72,400
Humanities Program$55,592
IC2 Institute$65,100
IC2 Institute BBR$139,263
INTO Global Risk & Safety$50,800
IRB and COI Program Management - Office of Research Support & Compliance$73,500
IRB and COI Program Management - Office of Research Support and Compliance$78,500
IT Services$77,000
ITS Campus Solutions$90,000
ITS Customer Support Services$53,339
ITS Networking$72,500
ITS Office of Telecommunication Services$103,107
ITS Office of Telecommunications and Data Centers$154,998
ITS University Data Center$55,206
ITS: Networking and Telecommunications$57,848
ITS: University Data Center$69,675
Information Security Office$134,255
Information Technology$75,190
Information Technology Services$83,309
Innovations for Peace and Development$85,000
Inst Reporting, Research and Info Systems$90,640
Institute for Classical Archaeology$47,840
Institute for Computational Engineering and Science$70,000
Institute for Computational Engineering and Sciences$49,920
Institute for Fusion Studies$131,663
Institute for Geophysics$102,601
Institute for Public School Initiatives$82,500
Institute for Urban Policy Research and Analysis$73,000
Instructional Innovation$80,000
Instrument and Controls$63,643
Integrative Biology$51,449
Intellectual Property$102,337
Intelligence Studies Project$62,100
Intercollegiate Athletics$183,478
Internal Affairs$224,100
Internal Audits$70,400
Internal Operations$54,500
International Student & Scholar Services$53,000
Investigations and Analysis Lieutenant$61,465
Investigations and Analysis Sergeant$61,465
JBTVL & MSTC$71,050
JSG Academic and Student Affairs$75,000
JSG Business Services$60,000
JSG Communications$69,010
JSG DEI$65,550
JSG Dean Office$45,000
JSG Development$95,470
JSG Facilities Management$58,250
JSG GeoFORCE$55,000
JSG Nonvertebrate Paleontology Lab$52,880
JSG Research Administration$87,325
JSG Student Affairs$58,000
JSG Vertebrate Paleontology Laboratory$65,800
Jack S Blanton Museum of Art$55,000
James A Michener Center for Writers$78,604
Jester City Market$39,335
John A and Katherine G Jackson School of Geosciences$165,071
John L Warfield Center for African and African American Studies$55,874
KUT - Newsroom$65,000
KUT - Texas Standard$62,729
KUT Programming$41,600
KUT Radio$115,292
KUT-Texas Standard$41,600
KUT/X - Technology Services$69,505
KUT/X - Administrative$47,250
KUT/X - Development and Marketing$89,803
KUT/X - Membership$54,500
KUT/X Membership$51,792
KUT/X Programming$52,400
KUTX - Programming$66,855
KUTX Programming$47,000
Kendra Scott WEL Institute$55,600
Kinesiology and Health Education$68,020
Koul Lab$31,200
LBJ Finance and Administration - Facilities/Projects$46,838
LBJ Finance and Business Affairs$72,000
LBJ School$143,805
LBJ School of Public Affairs$56,150
LEI Students-AC$33,633
LGBTQ Studies$62,000
LIVESTRONG Cancer Institutes$106,090
LaMontagne Center for Infectious Disease$62,400
Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center$41,599
Landscape & Integrated Building Services$95,000
Landscape Services$37,967
Lang Stuttering Institute Associate Director$66,787
Latino Media Arts & Studies$37,440
Latino Research Institute$60,313
Lavaca Child Development Center$37,443
Lee and Joe Jamail Texas Swimming Center$52,000
Liberal Arts - Advising Team 2$50,900
Liberal Arts - Advising Team 3$50,450
Liberal Arts - Advising Team 4$48,575
Liberal Arts - Advising Team 6$53,150
Liberal Arts - LACS Career Coaching$53,960
Liberal Arts - OSS FSP$48,000
Liberal Arts - OSS PACE Office of Student Success$51,000
Liberal Arts - Student Affairs$63,063
Liberal Arts - Student Affairs - Advising Team 1$50,000
Liberal Arts - Student Affairs - Advising Team 5$50,000
Liberal Arts - Student Affairs Admin$58,595
Liberal Arts - Student Affairs Leadership$75,520
Liberal Arts - Student Division Admin 2$58,704
Liberal Arts - Student Division Advising Team$50,000
Liberal Arts Honors Programs$65,298
Liberal Arts Instructional Technology Services$59,895
Licensing & Collaborative Research$149,943
Life Sciences Computing$52,000
Life Sciences Research Acceleration$113,978
Linguistics Research Center$58,417
Lloyd M. Bentsen, Jr. Chair$46,445
Location Information$62,195
Lock & Key Services$39,520
Lock and Key - 032$37,086
Longhorn Aquatics$41,600
Longhorn Band$53,259
Longhorn Foundation$59,160
Longhorn Wellness Center$61,479
Lyndon B Johnson School of Public Affairs$116,978
MBA Program Office$63,860
MEIP‐Media and Entertainment Industries Program$77,000
MGMT Management Department$44,340
MKTG Marketing Department$53,000
MPA Program Office$81,880
MSPO MS Programs Office$62,100
Marine Science Institute$45,676
Marketing & Communications$59,166
Marketing and Communication$61,382
Material Management$47,861
McDonald Observatory$60,549
McKetta Department of Chemical Engineering$174,451
Meadows Center for Preventing Educational Risk$69,294
Mechanical Distribution$102,817
Mechanical Distribution Associate Director$113,025
Mechanical Distribution Plant Maintenance$60,998
Media & Design$86,377
Media Engagement, Center for$61,000
Media Services$51,700
Men's Basketball$75,000
Microelectronics Research Center$52,746
Molecular Biosciences$123,636
Moody College Diversity, Equity & Inclusion$60,000
Moody College of Communication$192,000
Music Theory$43,454
NSS Comm Team$47,950
NSS KJS Team$57,000
Nanomanufacturing Systems for Mobile Computing and Mobile Energy Technologies$85,000
National Institute for Staff and Organizational Development$64,000
Native American and Indigenous Studies$50,000
New Student Services$59,229
No Department Provided$71,136
Nuclear Engineering Teaching Laboratory$81,750
Nursing Services$88,000
Nursing-Allergy, Immunization$71,510
Nursing-General Medicine$46,221
Nursing-Urgent Care, Sports Medicine$72,313
OCS - Emergency Management$69,538
OVPR Research IT Group$88,477
Occupancy Management$44,342
Oden Institute$71,500
Office for Inclusion and Equity$89,016
Office of Accounting$60,000
Office of Admissions$43,000
Office of Campus Safety$77,877
Office of Graduate Studies$58,259
Office of Institutional Reporting, Research, and Information Systems$64,725
Office of Internal Audits$135,323
Office of Research Support and Compliance$70,221
Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid$47,925
Office of Sponsored Projects$63,222
Office of the AVP for FPM$162,080
Office of the Associate Dean for Research$72,800
Office of the Associate Vice President for Human Resources$67,650
Office of the Dean of Students$89,941
Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost$343,300
Office of the General Faculty and Faculty Council$57,673
Office of the President$144,450
Office of the Registrar$47,500
Office of the Vice President for Diversity and Community Engagement$51,241
Office of the Vice President for Legal Affairs$164,000
Office of the Vice President for Research$78,750
Office of the Vice President for Research, Scholarship and Creative Endeavors$227,115
Office of the Vice Provost and Dean of Graduate Studies$103,418
Office of the Associate Dean for Research$49,920
Open Records$95,398
Osher Lifelong Learning Institute$43,921
PI Acker$55,620
PI Arif$70,000
PI Davis$72,800
PI Hauser$60,000
PI Lee$31,200
PI-Tarpley, Mallary$49,054
PL - Planning$69,045
PL - Planning and Design$88,835
PL - Technical Review$86,657
PL- Operations$53,000
PM - Infrastructure$80,340
PM - Research$103,916
PM - Student Life$102,550
PRC Commons$41,000
PRC Commons Building$60,750
PRC Landscape Services$37,911
Parking and Transportation Services$44,859
Payment Services$49,066
Payroll Services$55,000
Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering$321,360
Physical Therapy$59,750
Plan II Honors Program$55,000
Planning, Projects & Facilities$50,000
Planning, Projects, & Facilities$63,000
Planning, Projects, and Facilities$91,520
Plant Resources Center$32,136
Police Order Lieutenant$86,599
Police Order Sergeant$65,228
Population Research Center$57,498
Power Plant$100,426
Power Plant Maintenance$104,000
Power Plant Operations$59,982
Power Plant Utilities Operations$58,961
Power Plant and Chilling Stations$103,750
Prevention & Outreach$78,054
Principal Investigator$54,665
Procurement Card Administrators$51,525
Procurement and Payment Services$116,270
Professional Programs, UTLA, and UTNY$65,000
Project Accounts$52,000
Project Accounts, 025$51,750
Project Management and Construction Services$106,202
Project Support$68,192
Property Evidence/CSI$45,360
Psychiatric Services$209,293
Psychology Training$39,124
Public Information$98,000
Public Order Captain$86,474
Public Relations$52,000
REFIC Real Estate and Investment Center$55,535
RGK Center for Philanthropy and Community Service$86,273
Ray Marshall Center for the Study of Human Resources$74,250
Real Estate Development$165,630
Records and Information Management Services$39,740
Recreational Sports$53,560
Red McCombs School of Business$135,000
Research and Graduate Education$85,000
Research and Sponsored Projects$65,000
Residence Life$113,086
Residence Life - 2400 Nueces$40,000
Residence Life - Dobie$40,000
Residence Life - Jester$50,000
Residence Life - Jester Middle West$40,000
Residence Life - Jester Upper West$41,200
Residence Life - Kinsolving$42,000
Residence Life - Night Management$39,520
Residence Life - Residence Hall Operations$74,083
Residence Life - San Jacinto$43,260
Residence Life - Student Learning and Development$61,200
Residence Life - Waller Creek$50,000
Residence Life- Whitis$51,500
Residence Life-Student Leadership and Engagement$58,938
Resource Management$182,889
Resource Recovery$67,914
SAC AV$44,088
SAC Operations$39,313
SAC Reservations$52,500
SCMC Supply Chain Management Center$85,843
SES AD Team$45,000
SES Area$77,000
SES Case Managers$63,808
SFL Area$57,500
SHSSW Office of Professional Development$62,184
SNAAP Administration$63,000
SSW Academic Affairs$118,824
SSW Admissions$44,520
SSW BSW Program$50,415
SSW Dean's Office$68,990
SSW Field Office$53,210
SSW Master's Program$67,267
SSW Office of Professional Development$52,000
SVS Area$59,846
Safety and Training$43,965
Salem Center$90,000
San Jacinto Child Development Center$37,983
Sanger Learning Center$54,293
Sarah and Ernest Butler School of Music$83,476
Scenic Studio$61,000
School of Architecture$87,050
School of Design and Creative Technologies$63,000
School of Human Ecology$64,000
School of Information$85,284
School of Journalism and Media$97,000
School of Journalism and Media - Administrative$51,000
School of Law$83,122
School of Law Strauss$48,000
School of Nursing$80,000
School of Social Work$83,975
School of Undergraduate Studies$72,550
Schusterman Center for Jewish Studies$63,000
Service Center$42,504
Social Work Training$50,000
Social Work, Dell Medical School$73,543
Solid Waste and Recycling$38,284
South Asia Institute$54,080
Special Education$80,200
Spirit Programs$50,000
Sport Administration$392,685
Sports Administration$164,800
Sports Medicine$90,325
Sports Medicine - FB$57,500
Stage and Sound$62,400
Stan Richards School of Advertising & Public Relations$52,000
Stan Richards School of Advertising and Public Relations$70,000
Strategic Academic Initiatives$75,000
Strategic Initiatives$111,426
Stu Activities Area$40,154
Student Activities$58,650
Student Affairs$64,480
Student Conduct$74,602
Student Services$52,000
Student Success Initiative$51,350
Student Success Initiatives$53,938
Student Success Initiatve$50,000
Student Support Services$159,437
Subsurface Energy and the Env, Center for$98,197
Support Services Assistant Director$97,500
Surplus Properties Crew$35,360
Surplus Property$47,159
T Association$85,000
TACC EPIC$114,114
TH Jefferson Ctr for Core Texts and Ideas$50,845
TIPI - Technology and Information Policy Institute$61,061
TPA Lighting$42,120
TPA Artist Services Support$31,200
TPA Audio/Video$62,100
TPA Business Office$74,941
TPA Campus & Community Engagement$57,604
TPA Development$60,500
TPA Event Management$55,000
TPA Production$59,500
TPA Programming$60,000
TPA Scenic Art Studio$41,600
TPA Scenic Studio$39,000
TPA Ticket Office PT Hourly$31,200
TVL Texas Venture Labs$52,000
TX LEAD$65,975
TXUN Hospitality$54,075
TXUN Housekeeping$38,123
TXUN Maintenance$38,850
TXUN Operations$70,000
Tarlton Law Library$65,000
Technology Resources$64,260
Technology Resources - Zone 4 and 5$52,980
Technology Resources - Zone CFO$52,000
Technology Resources -Zone 6$52,000
Technology Services$100,595
Technology Services - Check Out$55,000
Technology Services - Production$60,000
Technology Services - Services$72,000
Technology Services - Systems$58,258
Teresa Lozano Long Institute of Latin American Studies$54,613
Testing and Evaluation Services$41,600
Texas Academy of Medicine, Engineering, Science and Technology$71,453
Texas Advanced Computing Center$104,121
Texas Archeological Research Laboratory$53,247
Texas Career Engagement$56,575
Texas Career Engagement Career Services$124,050
Texas Center for Disability Studies$65,149
Texas Engineering Executive Education$63,409
Texas Global$68,000
Texas Immersive Institute$63,000
Texas Innovation Center$118,067
Texas Interdisciplinary Plan$45,000
Texas Materials Institute$85,000
Texas Memorial Museum$70,000
Texas One Stop$42,800
Texas One Stop for Enrollment Services$79,704
Texas Parents$42,640
Texas Parents Association$47,520
Texas Performing Arts$81,463
Texas Politics Project$101,455
Texas Student Media$56,500
Texas Student Media - Advertising$41,850
The University of Texas at Austin$1,287,500
Theatre and Dance$72,800
Ticket Operations$57,500
Ticket Sales & Operations $66,000
Ticket Services & Operations$43,800
Ticketing Services & Operations$65,000
Trademark and Licensing$53,500
Travel Management Services$45,492
UGST- Academic Initiatives$47,005
UGST- Academic Initiatives - OUR$55,792
UGST- Sanger Learning Center$49,200
UHS Administrative Office$44,999
UHS General Medicine$197,210
UHS Gynecology/Women's Health$97,200
UHS Gynecology/Women's Health-Nursing$42,328
UHS Urgent Care / Sports Medicine$192,438
UHS and CMHC$153,916
UMAC Academic Communications$77,250
UMAC Admissions Marketing$55,000
UMAC Digital Strategy$74,500
UMAC Univ Comms$106,157
UT High School$66,500
UT Libraries$56,500
UT Los Angeles$55,000
UT New York$66,170
UT Press$54,685
UTeach Science Program$79,838
UTeach-Liberal Arts$65,000
UTeach-Natural Sciences$68,397
UTeach-Natural Sciences Replication Program$52,766
UTeach-Natural Sciences-Replication Program$86,700
UT High School$63,000
Undergraduate Education$55,000
Undergraduate Education - Career Services$55,871
Undergraduate Office$58,240
Undergraduate Studies$74,140
Unions IT$70,093
Univ Marketing UDO Brand$60,300
Univ Marketing UDO Marcom$75,000
University Career Center$48,000
University Charter School$58,677
University Child Development Center$63,193
University Communications$66,950
University Compliance Services$72,481
University Development Office$80,251
University Health Services$103,923
University Housing and Dining$161,751
University Interscholastic League$72,000
University Leadership Network$52,020
University Marketing$84,600
University Marketing and Communications$193,400
University Police Department$66,500
University Police Department Staff Lieutenant$82,218
University Police Department Staff Sergeant$67,198
University Unions$100,880
University of Texas Charter School$56,102
University of Texas Elementary School$54,733
University of Texas Libraries$56,021
University of Texas Press$74,071
User Services$76,111
Utilities Operations$56,355
Utilities Systems$87,526
Utilities and Energy Management$75,000
Utility Systems$80,000
VP for Business Strategies$197,673
Vice President for Research, Scholarship and Creative Endeavors$79,490
Vice President for Student Affairs$92,129
Video Operations$46,800
Vis Research$80,000
Visitors Center$53,250
Visual Arts Center$47,000
Waggoner Center for Alcohol and Addiction Research$65,414
Walker Department of Mechanical Engineering$146,748
Warehouse Crew$35,360
Water Treatment Lab$57,694
Web Design$44,368
Winedale Historical Center$41,844
Wireless Network Communications Group$177,850
Wireless Networking Communications Group$60,000
Wireless Networking and Communications Group$56,750
Women in STEM$64,356
Women's Basketball$115,875
Youth Protection Program$53,875
Zero Waste$45,788

Data obtained: 3/13/2023